Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tips for Thanking People for Their Support

A very important aspect to business networking is thanking people for their support. Without their support, your business could flounder or at best, struggle to make it through these difficult times.

People don't always do something to help others expecting kudos or monetary reward. There are many good business people 'out-there' who have gone through, or are going through, similarly difficult times. Let's be quite frank here - today's climate for successful businesses isn't the easiest one for anyone no matter which industry your business operates in.

Socialising in business has always been part of a good business strategy and confirms you as being part of a select community. When there is so much competition today and and finances are tight, by being a responsible, active and reputable business person belonging to a select group, this network of like-minded people will necessitate you to be a reciprocal partner in this elite group of business professionals.

These are a group of like-minded people whose interests co-exist with the business philosophy of the network that you are part of. There is little point to belonging to a business network who doesn't share your business philosophy. This would not be beneficial to you nor would it be a productive use of your limited time.

What is a reciprocal partner?

A reciprocal partner is a person who returns a deed or a benefit to someone who has done them a good deed. A good deed in a business network is often a referral or a recommendation to a client or customer. When someone recommends your business to someone else, then when you get an opportunity to return the favour and recommend theirs, it is in your best interests to do so. This is how a business network in a society of small businesses works.

The top three ways to Thank people for their support in this select club of business professionals is:

1. Be a diligent and careful reciprocal partner to all the members in your network. By this, I mean don't say or make any promises to anyone on someone else's behalf. That is, don't build a prospect's expectations up beyond what the business you are recommending actually does.

If you build unrealistic expectations and the business you are recommending doesn't actually do what the person wants that you are recommending them too, will lead to loss of prestige and possible bad-mouthing of that other persons business.

It is always a preferable option to say that you *think* that they can help you and you *know* that they will bend-over-backwards to help them if they can. By recommending another business in such a way from your business network is preferable for everyone.

2. Contra-dealing in small business is an excellent way to save money and to do a "thank you" action for someone in your network.

3. Just say a simple personal thank you to the business for the recommendation and then to make sure that you give them due-kudos in your business network. This makes everyone feel good and confirms the benefits of belonging and participating in the business network.

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